World potential commitment to safeguarding personal information

Our company, World Potential, commitment to safeguarding personal information in our care, complying with country privacy laws, in order to provide a better service for you

Purpose of using personal information

(A) Personal inforamtion is collected for the following service.

(B) For consultation, lease, information exchanges and background check related to our housing business

(C)In order to achieve your living quality and providing you a better after service, we will provide your personal information to the landlord and the management company

(D)Though finance organization to do account settlement, which need to provide customers financial and credit cards information

(E)To confirm and contact the guarantor and cohabit (We will safeguard your personal information. To apply our service, you will need to provide your personal identity document and passport)

(F)To provide you our news, business information, informative mail and mail magazine about relevant rental.

(G) Others purpose which related to communicating with customers.

Privacy policy of disclosing customers information to third parties

We promise not to disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent, except the following situations:

Based on Law and Regulations

(A)If such provision is necessary to protect the life, body or property of an individual, and we are difficult or cannot contact you.

(B)If such provision is necessary for improving public health or promoting the sound growth of children, and we are difficult or cannot contact you.

(C)If required by laws or regulations, or by government agencies, local public bodies or agents for purposes of national or public security, law enforcement or for other issues of public interest and we received your consent

(D) You reserve the right to provide your personal information to the cooperative comapny if you cannot observe your contract with us.

(E) We will provide information to examining authority for credit review when signing the lease.

(F) For protecting your right and emergency situation, we will only send your personal information to property management company.

(G) With “Investigation related matters inquiry” by government, we will cooperate with police and provide all information for investigations.

(H)For registration of simplifying procedures of introducing property to you, we may share your personal information to related company which cooperated with us.

(I) We will provide your personal information to insurance company when you are using our service and applying occupier’s liability insurance


About Confirmation, Correction and Deletion of personal information

(A)With your consent of disclosure, correction or deletion of your personal information, we will do it as soon as possible after confirmation.

(B) If there are any mistakes on your personal information, we will correct, edit or delete the information after confirming with you.


Enquiry about Personal information

If you have any questions or opinions about our privacy policy, please contact World Potential’s professional staffs showed on the website.