Normas de la casa


House Rules

Please enjoy your stay by following those house rules.

Let's start with greetings to neighbors.

After moving in, don’t forget to say hi to your neignbors. By keeping a good relationships, it can prevent some problems occuring and also help each other living easily. When you meet someone in common areas, such as corridors or stairwells, please take the initiative in saying»Kon ni chi wa»

Garbage Rule

In those house rules, the one occuring most and even get into fight with neignbors is the garbage throwing problem. The garbage rules of every district are very different. Thus please ask to the apartment managing company or to the window of the cityhall office about the details of garbage throwing time and place.

Smoking Rule

There’s no strict prohibition of smoking at balcony; however it might cause complaints from your neignbors. While you are smoking, please pay attention to the wind direction and make sure to dispose the cigarette at the right place.

Bicycle.Parking Rule

If you have demand of having a bicycle, some places may ask you to put a seal on it as an identification to prevent illegal parking. Please confirm with the managing company after moving in.

For enjoying your stay here, please follow those house rules.

No smoking inside.

No pets.

Please keep quiet at night.

No drugs.

Please don’t take any equipment from room.


Don’t throw things from balcony.

Don’t jump from the balcony.

No violence.

Don’t dance in the room.

No key copy.

Please take off your shoes before entering.

No instruments.