About our Short Term Rental Service

Rental Procedures

Housing Enquires

Costless contact through Internet or phone. Enter your personal information such as name and email and then send it to us.
Feel free to contact us if there are any enquires.

Confirm avaiability of rooms

We will confirm the status of the housing. After that, our professional staffs will contact you by phone or mail for further information.

Rental Application

Please fill in the application form or contact us the time you need rental service through telephone

Background check

Please prepare personal identification and send to us by mail. (Copy of identification is required by individual applicant. For corporate clients, a copy of legal entity registration certificate is required.)
(For foreigner, please provides us a copy of your passport) Based on the background check result, we will decide to whether you are able to rent the house.We are sorry that it will not make public about the examination criteria.


Signing a Short Term Lease
We will send you the contract agreement by specially-assigned person. Please fill in the necessary information and sign then return to us.

Moving and get the key

For who have made the booking in advance, we will send you the guiding mail 7 days before the date of check in. For who have made the booking 2 days before the check in, we will send you the mail 1 day before.

Check out

Please read the checkout instruction (information book) and return the key. Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries.