Supporting customers around the world with unique services in multiple languages in line with the evolution of the real estate market

We respond to the real estate market as it evolves with the times, providing services that satisfy both the demands of owners and the desires of tenants. We provide comprehensive support from real estate transactions to site acquisition and planning, and offer architectural design and construction services ranging from wooden to RC structures.

We have extensive expertise in the operation and management of investment properties such as rental and corporate housing, hotels, monthly apartments, private accommodations, and holiday flats. We also have the ability to provide services in multiple languages to both domestic and international clients. We are ready to meet the real estate needs of the global market with a system that provides peace of mind.

Corporate Profile

Trading Name
World Potential Co., Ltd.
Representative Director
Tomoko Suzuki
70,000,000 Yen
Head Quarter
2F Sunlight Building, Meguro 1-24-4, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0063 JAPAN
TEL 0357595974 FAX 0357595975 Google Map
Nearest Station
7 minutes walk from the West Exit of ‘Meguro’ Station on the JR Yamanote Line
8 minutes walk from the Main Exit of ‘Meguro’ Station on the Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line
8 minutes walk from the Main Exit of ‘Meguro’ Station on the Tokyu Meguro Line
8 minutes walk from the Main Exit of ‘Meguro’ Station on the Toei Mita Line
Financial Institution
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
  • Shizuoka Bank
  • Bank of East Japan
  • Seibu Credit Union
  • Ark Rental Guarantee
  • Shin Nihon Credit Guarantee
  • FourSeas
  • Global Trust Network
Business Overview
  • Real estate rental brokerage business for overseas visitors to Japan
  • Comprehensive real estate rental management for overseas visitors to Japan
  • Real estate consultancy for conference visitors to Japan
  • Guarantee of renting apartments, company housing, and tenant spaces
  • General insurance agency business
  • Building maintenance
  • Building management services
  • Rent collection and management
  • Tenant management services
  • Subleasing services
  • Referral of renovation works
  • Management, operation, and consulting for inns and lodging facilities
  • Paid lending of privately-owned vehicles
  • Buying and selling of second-hand goods
  • All business activities related to the above-mentioned items
License Number
宅地建物取引業免許 東京都知事(2)第98894号
Membership of
Professional Bodies
  • 社団法人全日本不動産協会
  • 社団法人不動産保証協会
  • 社団法人不動産公正取引協議会
東京運輸支局 交付番号第0647号