Our company is dedicated to uncovering the real estate needs of a new era from around the world, focusing on real estate rental brokerage and tenant support as the core of our business expansion. Targeting the predicted increase in foreign residents, we will connect property owners with vacant quality apartments, condominiums, and houses in the metropolitan area, and develop support for a ‘safe and secure’ real estate rental business.

Furthermore, we propose to create a platform that offers the best services distinct from existing rental housing by providing consulting for the replacement of vacant homes and aging apartments, which are now social issues, with high-quality assets, and their effective utilization.

The know-how of existing real estate business




Our foreign staffs will provide the best service for you

Monthly Apartment

Rental agency for foreigners

Selling agency for foreigners

We are focused on the development of real estate business for those foreigners visiting to Japan.

1. Weekly Mansion. Short term rental agency and management.
2. Real estate lease agency
3. Real estate rental and selling agency
4. Real estate management
5. Sublease for rental apartment (Master Lease)
6. Consulting business for those overseas migrants
7. Planning, operation, and management of a designed apartment
8. Planning, operation, and management for effective use of land
9. Planning, design, construction, and management of the remodeling . renovation work

Why everyone favourite World Potential

Neat and dazzling environment

High quality and comfortable room, neat and elegant environment is provided. Every items and facilities we provided are completely brand-new.

Fluent in 6 different languages, our team is tailored to serve any foreigners.

To greet travelers from around the world, our professionals, which are expert in foreigner customer service, are familiar with different local condition and customs.

Located in the prime location

All our rooms are located in downtwon, which are easily accessible by public transport。
Situated in the shopping district, which is convenient for replenishing daily necessities

Very short stay is available! May start from 1 day up

We are willing to help immediately if any help is needed. From one-day stay, there are a variety of options for our customers.

For your sake! Towel, bath towel, quilt, linen and pillowcases are provided.

daily necessities are free provided
Clean towel, bath towel, quilt, linen, pillowcases and tableware are welcome to use. The costs are all included in the rent already.

Well-appointed! Welcome to stay in without preperation

Nothing needed to be prepared while moving in

high-speed wifi connection

Our rooms are all equipped with high-speed wifi connection

Professionals advices are provided by expert in exotic culture

Manners and exotic culture of Japan, assistances and suggestions are introduced by expert in exotic culture.