Tokyo Apartments and Houses for Rent

Housing Support for Foreigners in Central Tokyo.

For monthly rental apartments, short-term rentals, temporary stays during home visits, accommodation facilities, and real estate brokerage, leave it to us. Our native staff can assist you in English, French, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish.

Apartment / Guest House

It is built in many places within walking distance from the embassy and within walking distance of the center of Tokyo, the station near the station, and there are a lot of monthly apartments with good access to the workplace.We offer a satisfactory living space not in a monthly apartment.

Short Term Stay / Holiday Flat

It means an apartment-type accommodation with everything you need to live, including kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, appliances and tableware.
The appeal is that it is enough to make the trip more scalable than a typical hotel because you can stay there.
It is a concept of a new accommodation that has ignited its popularity from the West.