Our preventive measures to prevent infection against COVID-19

As a countermeasure against the COVID-19 infection, we put the safety, security and health of our employees first, and our “Monthly Mansion” takes the following measures.We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Facility Initiatives

Windows opened to ventilate during cleaning.
There will be 72-hour interval between reservations.
Non-face-to-face contract procedures.
Customers who have visited areas or countries that have been infected within the past 14 days will be asked to cooperate, such as staying indoors for a certain period of time.
Regarding to the cleaning, we will also sanitize the door knob, toilet and ventilate the whole apartment.
Hand Sanitizers provided in the room
Please sanitize your hands with alcohol before check in

Public space

In order to protect customers from infectious diseases, we use “ethanol-based” or “hypochlorous acid-based” disinfectants to conduct priority sterilization cleaning at the following areas where the fingers often touch.Door knobs, switches (lighting, elevator, air conditioner, toilet), TV remote control, table, chair, sofa, menu, cushion, toilet seat, wash basin faucet, etc.

Initiatives for Employees

Temperature check.
We request our staff to wear mask, wash hands and also ventilate the office everyday.
Stop working in case of poor physical condition, such as fever or cough, and instruct a medical institution to visit a medical institution.
We will avoid closed spaces、crowds、and close contact during business trip, meeting or seminar.
We will open the back door and keep ventilating, also we will set up hand sanitizer.

Request to the customer

If you feel sick during your stay, please contact our staff as soon as possible.
Please sanitizer your hands before check in.
Please wear mask when you go to the common area.
Please sanitize your hands with alcohol before and after you used the tablet.
There is a limit on the number of people in the elevator.Please cooperate with the use of each group.

If you experience fever, cough, feeling of chills, sense of fatigue or dysosmia,
In order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we may reject your reservation if either of the above conditions apply.

Thank you so much for your understanding and hope for your full cooperation.