• 20/Apr/2021

Camper Rental Starts|3rd Place Camper

We have a selection of light campers and vans that are easy to drive for beginner campers.

Camper Rental Starts|3rd Place Camper

Camper Rental Starts|3rd Place Camper 900 471 World Potential

Easy to use from 1 night/2 days from 9,790 yen

World Potential Inc., which supports stays from short to long term, such as monthly mansions, holiday flats, vacation rentals, hotels, etc., has launched “3rd Place Camper,” a camper van rental service equipped with light camper vans and van conversions that are easy to drive, even for camping beginners who are anxious about driving large camper vans but wish to travel by camper van.

The pop-up roof provides a great sense of freedom! The living space is unbelievable for a mini car, and 4 people can sleep in it.

This model is capable of charging the sub-battery even when the vehicle is stopped, as well as driving charging. The high-capacity inverter and the sub-battery allow you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort during workcations and family vacations for long periods of time, as appliances and other items can be used without worry.

Movable small office

As more and more companies are adopting remote work, Camper is truly a “mobile small office,” allowing you to work from any location, from any angle, by bringing your wifi equipment with you.