• 19/Apr/2021

Video distribution creator specialized space, rental start

Rental space specialized for video streamers and creators appears in Tokyo

Video distribution creator specialized space, rental start

Video distribution creator specialized space, rental start 900 600 World Potential

Equipped with equipment, start shooting immediately with one smartphone! You can use it casually for from 2,000 yen per hour

World Potential Co., Ltd., which supports short- to long-term stays such as monthly condominiums, holiday flats, vacation rentals, and hotels, has enhanced its equipment and equipment for creators who broadcast videos, and has started providing a rental space “Video Distribution Creator Specialized Space” that can be used as a handy distribution studio in Ota -ku and Omori.

Both 'equipment' and 'appearance' necessary for video distribution

The video market has been expanding significantly in recent years. In particular, from 2020, due to the demand for nesting due to the coronavirus, the need for video distribution has increased rapidly, with the opening of many YouTube channels from ordinary people to famous entertainers.
However, the problem of housing situation and the high cost of full-fledged rental studios are barriers for video distribution creators.

In World Potential, rental space is arranged for creators. We have equipment such as greenback, LED lighting, tripod, etc. necessary for video distribution. You don’t need to bring heavy equipment. You can also freely place the sofas and tables provided, so you can shoot as soon as you have one smartphone. Of course, high-speed WiFi is also available.

In addition, the wall is decorated with mulal art by artists such as L.A.’s leading graffiti writer OG SLICK, which adds color to the video distribution.

Shooting and recording equipment (shooting and recording plan)

  • Elgato Green Screen/Greenback (148x180cm)x1
  • FOSITAN LED lighting (3200K/5600K switching)x2
  • 10Inch LED ring light (3000k-6500k dimmable) + tripod standx1
  • tripod (maximum height: 1580 mm / minimum height: 605 mm / weight limit: 2.9 kg)x1
  • 3-way power tap (3m)x1

There is also a mulal art on the roof, which can also be used for portrait photography

A comfortable space where creators are stimulated

The artist’s graffitied room activates the right brain, so creative work is done.
It can be used as a space where creators such as writers, designers, illustrators, and DTM musicians can concentrate on their creative activities. 
(Musical instruments are not available.)

There is also an espresso machine that you can use for free.

In between tasks, you can relax on the open rooftop. From the rooftop, you can see the tokaido line and keihin Tohoku line line.

Large monitors are also available for online meetings.

The entire building has been treated with antibacterial, deodorizing and antiviral treatment

Eco chimera, a photocatalyst that does not require light and uses water molecules contained in the air to cause catalytic reactions by redox action, is coated in the common areas of the building and on the entire interior. As a result, it can be expected to have high effects on deodorization, antibacterial, antiviral, sick house measures, antivirus measures, etc. even in dark rooms. We provide you with a safe and secure space and a clean space.


An 8-minute walk from Omori Station on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line
~4 people (4 seats allowed) |40㎡ | Ota-ku, Tokyo

Connecting room specifications, about 40 m2 of 2 rooms are available.
The shooting plan can remove the furniture and make it “empty”. (Consultation)

How to pay

Bank transfer, credit card, invoying (corporate only), local settlement (consultation required)


Basic plan 1,000Yen/hour Maintenance fee 2,000Yen/time
Shooting and recording plan 2,000Yen/hour Maintenance fee 2,000Yen/time