• 08/Mar/2022

Providing accommodations for Ukrainian refugees Notice

Providing accommodations for Ukrainian refugees Notice

Providing accommodations for Ukrainian refugees Notice 900 600 World Potential

Providing accommodations and job opportunities for Ukrainian refugee

World Potential Co., ltd. (headquartered in Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo; Tomoko Suzuki, CEO), in cooperation with its group company Bestway Co., ltd. (Shiro Kuroda, CEO), has decided to provide Ukrainian refugees with facilities and job opportunities.

Regarding to the support details
All of the monthly mansions, hotels and vacational rentals runned by World Potential are opened for Ukrainian refugees after the announcement made by Japanese governent regarding to the issues of Ukrainian refugees on 2nd Mar.

Besides we can offer job opportunities in the hotels runned by World Potential to Ukrainian refugees. (Located in Okinawa, Miyagojima, Nagano and Hakodate)

Furthermore, our group company Bestway Co.,ltd., which mainly focus on real estate development business, will also provide business supprot and job opportunities to Ukranian refugees in order to help them settle down.

For further information, please refer to our corporate website.

About World Potential
Our main goal is to develop a world-class business. In Japan we operate five hotels, lots of monthly mansions and also vacational stays. For all the accommodations, furniture, home appliances, daily necessities, linens, electricity, gas, water, and internet are all prepared so you can just start living immediately after moving in do not have to worry about any problems even for long-term use. In addition, our staffs are native in English, French, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish. Many foreigners have choosen our services and we recieved a lot of compliments either!

About Bestway Co.,ltd.
We always want to challenge with flexible ideas to adapt to the change of era, and mainly develop the real estate development business with the aim of corresponding to the diversification of the business environment, social conditions, and the customer values. We also provide a one-stop service that manages everything from land purchase, design, construction to property management and sale.