• 16/Sep/2021

Returnees quarantine special campaign (until the end of October)

Returnees quarantine special campaign (until the end of October)

Returnees quarantine special campaign (until the end of October) 900 471 World Potential

Reasonable 11 nights quarantine 69,000yen with tax〜

We also have 2-week quarantine plan

Currently we have already designed a 2-week quaranitne plan (with pick-up ) for returness and their family. However due to the continuely modification of quarantine policies from the govenment, more and more people were inquring for 11-nights quarantine. Therefore, now we released another 12-day quaraninte plan with more reasonable price!

Regaring to the quarantine plan, it includes the pick-up from the airport (specified meeting point) to the apartment! (Please note that due to the reservation situation there may be possibility that we cannot offer the pick-up.) Stay from 2 nights are possible! Please feel free to contact us for further details.

In order to provide our guests a totally safe place to stay, also as a countermeasure against the COVID-19 infection, instead of light energy, we applied the Non-photocatalyst Ecokimera to all the items inside the facilities and apartments. It helps to reduce the growth and developing of the bacteria and virus.

Non-photocatalyst Ecokimera takes the water contained in the air and catalytic reaction occurs due to oxidation-reduction. Light is not needed during this process. It is highly effective even in dark enviornment for antibacterial, deodorization and antivirus.

Limited time offer Stay during 2021/9/20 - 10/31 Campiagn (The Kanto region)

Non-photocatalyst Ecokimera applied.
Rather than light energy, we applied the Non-photocatalyst Ecokimera to santilize and deodorize.

11 nights 12 days(1K type)  Total 96,800yen→69,000yen(Taxed)

11 nights 12 days(1LDK type)  Total 152,800yen→99,000yen(Taxed)

Reserved ride from Haneda airport +15,000yen(Taxed)
Reserved ride from Narita airport +30,000yen(Taxed)

Please make the reservation through the following form.
(Please note that the price may differ depending on the reservation situations or the seasons.)

As a countermeasure against the COVID-19 infection, different from other business hotels, we will sanitize and ventilate the whole apartment thoroughly before and after check out to provide a safe place for our guests to stay during their quarantine.

If you rent the rental space directly now, you can have 1,000Yen off discount!

It can be used as「Shooting・Recording」「Party」「Cooking Class」「Events」「Girls gathering , Mothers’ gathering」 Also shooting and recording are totally okay! If you have any other request please feel free to contact us.

TEL 0357595974
Business hours 10:00〜18:00
PIC:Yano, Samantha, Sen

Please contact us through the form or calls for further information about the apartments and the plan. We will try our best to find you the most appropriate apartment for your quarantine. (People in charge may be out of office sometimes, so please kindly inquire through the form.)